Preflats are a simple combination of flats and prefolds. There are two made with two layers of heavyweight fleece, either hemp/bamboo/org cotton or bamboo/org cotton, cut into a size similar to that of a prefold. Now we offer a third option: the Perfect Fit Preflat! Made with the same construction for speedy drying but with a lightweight fleece that has a bit of spandex in it to allow for stretch! The perfect combination of a stretch flat and a prefold!

We carry three different Flats: Butter, Taffy, and Caramel. The main differences between the them are stretch and texture: Taffy has two way stretch, meaning it only stretches one direction, and tiny baby terry loops on one side, Caramel is smooth as butter on both sides with four way stretch, meaning it can be stretched in any direction, and our Butter flats are made from Hemp, organic cotton, and spandex giving them the same four way stretch as Caramel.