XL Winged Perfect Fit Preflat (WPFP)

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The extra long winged preflat combines the preflat with a built in trifold doubler!

 A combination of a luxury stretch flat design with the simplicity of a prefold--Preflat! It is simply two layers of stretchy organic bamboo or hemp/bamboo fleece serged together to make a perfect fit on your baby. Added wings make it even easier to get the perfect fit! Available in Twist and Caramel!

The XL WPFP (winged perfect fit preflat) has the added length in the front of the diaper to eliminate the need for a doubler without giving up the flexibility and speedy drying time of a preflat!


  • NB 10x12   fits 4 to 12 lbs or 0-3 months
  • Size 1 12x24  fits 10 to 18lbs or 0-9 months
  • Size 2 14x26 fits 16 to 25 lbs or 4-18 months
  • Size 3 16x28 fits 20 to 40 lbs or 8-36+ months
  • Size 4 20x30 fits 20+ lbs or 25+ months

You can always buy a size up and fold down the front or back to fit baby's needs.

***Please note the pictures are to demonstrate thread color and not the actual diaper. :D