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New to cloth diapering or unsure which diaper style you would like best? $170+ value!!! The OS package includes the largest Green Apple Caramel flat, largest Perfect fit Preflat, and OS cover, pocket palz, and AIO. :)

This trial pack has one of each of the following diaper styles: TADA all in one, pocket diaper, a Perfect Fit Preflat with cover, a Green Apple Caramel flat diaper, and the one size fold down rise AIO/2. ****These will come in a gender neutral selection of colors/prints unless you specify in notes to seller for girl or boy. ****

The TADA AIO has two full body layers of soft, super absorbant bamboo with a snap in soaker. The soaker consists of five layers of organic bamboo. This diaper dries in one cycle on Med-High in my dryer.

The pocket palz diaper is a pocket diaper. The outside is made of a water proof pul. The interior has a layer of soft antipill microfleece. Works great with the bamboo preflat as a stuffer/insert!

The diaper cover is one that I designed after much frustration with leaky covers on my babies. They either gapped at the leg or allowed the clothes in at the top which just soaked them. These covers are gathered in the front and rear by elastic that is pulled tight to prevent clothes from slipping inside either front or back. They also have leg gussets to prevent gappy legs and blowouts.

This set comes with a preflat bamboo diaper/insert to be used in the pocket diaper and/or the cover. It measures 12x14 for the XS and S and 16x18 for the M and L before being washed. It is made of heavy organic bamboo fleece consisting of 70/20/10 bamboo/organic cotton/spandex.

It also features one of our newer products: the Green Apple Caramel flats! These come in NB which measures 22x22, Infant which measures 25x25, and Toddler which measures 28x28.

The final item you will receive as a part of this package is the one size fold down rise AIO/2 which I designed. It comes with one attached soaker, and a separate booster that you will snap in as baby gets bigger and requires more absorption. :)

I feel that the rise will be the best judgment of size needed. (measured over a diaper from belly button to the top of the back of the diaper)

  • NB(XXS) 0-4wks 4-10+ lbs rise: 12"
  • XS 0-3ms 7-12 lbs rise: 14"
  • S 3-12 ms 10-18 lbs rise: 16"
  • M 10-36 ms 15-28 lbs rise: 18"
  • L 3-5 yrs 25-40 lbs rise: 20"
  • XL 3-6 yrs 35+ lbs rise: 22"
  • OS 0-36 ms 10-30+lbs rise: varies